Inmoweb® Standard Template 299€ Free

Inmoweb gives you 200 different real estate website templates to choose from and/or to adapt to fit your corporate image. You can also change the web template as many times as you want. Unlimited!


Inmoweb® Customized Template 599€

Your website is your showcase on the Internet and your real estate agency deserves an exclusive website. Our designer will contact you and define the design and position of the elements of your Inmoweb® customized template according to your needs. It is hard work, but the end result is worth it because you will have a professional website that is fully in line with your preferences and corporate image.


Do you already have a website? No problem Free

If you already have your own website, you can connect your website with Inmoweb® and get your properties synchronized. Ask us how we can help you with this third-party web service.

Features of our web templates

18 languages

Spanish, English, Catalan, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Chinese*, Arabic*, Basque*, Galician* and Polish*.

SSL (secure web)

We offer you a website with an SSL certificate. A secure website that generates trust with your customers and helps your positioning in Google.


On your website we can install several domains, each redirecting to a different language. This will help with positioning.

SEO optimization

Our templates are optimized for positioning in Google.

Mobile friendly

Our templates are fully adapted to mobiles and tablets.

Social networks

Link your social media quickly and easily.

Header photos

Update header pictures on your website and have them transition automatically.

Multimedia presentation

Offer your visitors a multimedia presentation on each property's page.

Property labeling

Dynamic custom tags give you the opportunity to group your properties by different tags.


We offer you free hosting with any of our Inmoweb plans.


Create, change or delete emails for your company. Check our Inmoweb plans.

200 web templates

We offer you 200 templates that you can choose from for your website. View our templates.

Whatsapp Chat

Integrate Whatsapp on your website to recieve messages from your clients directly.


You can create your own Real Estate blog integrated into your website.

Unlimited web sections

Create internal pages and personalize text and content.


Your website will have a favoicon created automatically according to your original logo.


We position your properties on a map, if you wish you can link them to your website.

Custom Scripts

Place third-party script on your website. Just copy and paste.


Place conversion scripts for Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc ...

Property search

Your website offers a powerful filter for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Homepage featured Properties

Choose the properties you want highlighted on the front page of your website.

Featured Searches

It allows you to place a graphic design on the cover of your website, with a click, a list of properties that you have selected will be displayed.

Virtual Tours

You can integrate virtual tours on your website allowing your clients to see the inside of each property.

Energetic certification

Enable the mandatory Energy Certification seal on your properties.

Watermark on pictures

Place a watermark on all the property photos to avoid being duplicated.


You can edit the metatags on your website easily. What are metatags? .


Offer your client a mortgage calculator for each property conducive with the published price.

Google sitemap

We automatically create to Google sitemap for better search engine indexing.


All the forms on your website are adapted to the GDPR regulations.

Web navigation

Configure the menu items on your website, add new ones, change the order, create drop-down menus, etc ...


Link Youtube videos to each property file.

Friendly URLs

We generate independent urls by language for easy indexing and for better search engine positioning.

Property acquisition form

Your website will also capture leads. On your website potential clients can directly submit their property's information.

Minified html

We minify the Html of your website for better search engine positioning and indexing.

Minified CSS

We minify the CSS of your website for better search engine positioning and indexing.

Add forms New

Google forms are an excellent tool for gathering information from leads.

Clients Reviews New

Publish your clients' reviews on your website.

Website creation process



You can choose the domain you like or transfer your current domain. Choosing a domain with us is at no additional cost*. If you have any other questions just ask us!



Select your template from one of the 200 that we offer. Adaptable to smartphones and tablets, in 18 languages, and we give it to you ready to use.


Internal content

You can modify all the content of your website, without the need of programmers such as: menu, sections, company content, head pictures, cover properties, etc.



Add WhatsApp, virtual visit services, activate your real estate Blog, connect with Google Analytics, connect your social networks, etc.

Why an Inmoweb website?

Functionally neither, both have all the features of Inmoweb® depending on the plan you suscribe. Both have 18 languages, are mobile friendly and are optimized for search engines. The Inmoweb® Customized Template is a service for customizing the visual appearance

We offer more than 200 templates to our clients. Our templates are in 18 languages and adapted to smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, they are optimized for search engines to improve positioning in Google.

As we offer more than 200 templates it is highly unlikely. We bet on templates because we want our clients to have an operational website in a short period of time and without incurring additional costs. Most of our clients don't want to waste months with a designer breaking their head with a custom website. We know what you need! Furthermore, we can offer a template customization service for a very reasonable price.

You can customize all the content of the cover, web sections, navigation menu, blog, etc. However, if you have CSS knowledge you can customize design aspects yourself.

Many things. Without computer knowledge you can: Change the header photos, decide which properties you want to highlight on the cover of your website, customize the navigation menu, change cover texts, add custom sections, add a blog, add forms, add WhatsApp chat, etc. .. In this article you have extended information."

Unfortunately not, because it is integrated inside Inmoweb's service. However, your domain can be transferred.

Yes, you can change the web template for another Inmoweb template directly from your panel. As many times as you want.

Yes, you can activate this function or remove it whenever you want.

Almost all of our packages include free SSL. Check our packages.

Are you coming from another Software?

If you are already using another Real Estate Software, we can transfer all your data without any work from you. We do it all for you!

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