We offer an easy-to-use comprehensive solution that allows you to enjoy your real estate website, CRM, business email, etc ... Our plans also include maintenance of your email as long as you keep the Software contract.

Of course. Once the contract is signed we will give the necessary training to help you familiarize with the program and teach you to make the most of. It is not a webinar, it is personalized online training.

Yes, contact us at 91 217 46 68 before starting with us. It is also possible to synchronize your properties with external sources periodically.

Yes of course. We have 3 different support channels. One by telephone, another through the support consultation system, and last but not least, a very complete knowledge base with hundreds of articles that explain step by step how to do almost everything. Our support is Top quality.

The use of our connection is completely free for clients. However, you should know that some premium portals will charge you for tranfer your properties on them. Check the website and the salesperson of the portal that interests you for more information. Remember that there are many portals that are 100% free.

Yes. Inmoweb® is a cloud application, all you need is a good updated browser. We recommend the latest version of Google® Chrome®. Regardless of the operating system you use, you can use Inmoweb® without major problem.

Yes, as long as you can redirect it to our servers or DNS.

Our contracts have no permanence. Our clients unsubscribe without having to call us. The whole process is done through your client area. We also store your data for 30 days in case you change your mind.

Why publish on real estate portals with Inmoweb?

For many reasons. Firstly, we are software experts. We are also one of the few softwares recommended by Idealista, the leading real estate portal in Spain. We have experience, and with Inmoweb you will save a lot of time and headache.

The use of our gateway is totally free for clients. However, you should know that some premium portals will charge you for listing your properties. Check with the salesperson and website of the portal that interests you for more information. Keep in mind that many portals are 100% free.

Yes, absolutely. You can independently select the properties you want to put on each portal.

Not long at all. Idealista publishes immediately while the rest of the portals are synchronized between 3-72 hours.

We are constantly adding new portals to our list of partner websites but if you don't find the portal you are interested in we can make a customized gateway for your agency. Just ask us for a quote.

Yes, you will be able to decide which of your employees will have publishing privileges to each of the portals.

In each gateway there are a series of requirements that must be met but Inmoweb will list them clearly for you. Some portals require a full address for the gateway. It is used to obtain the geoposition of the property.

Why an Inmoweb website?

Functionally neither, both have all the features of Inmoweb® depending on the plan you suscribe. Both have 18 languages, are mobile friendly and are optimized for search engines. The custom template is a service for customizing the visual appearance

We offer more than 200 templates to our clients. Our templates are in 18 languages and adapted to smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, they are optimized for search engines to improve positioning in Google.

As we offer more than 200 templates it is highly unlikely. We bet on templates because we want our clients to have an operational website in a short period of time and without incurring additional costs. Most of our clients don't want to waste months with a designer breaking their head with a custom website. We know what you need! Furthermore, we can offer a template customization service for a very reasonable price.

You can customize all the content of the cover, web sections, navigation menu, blog, etc. However, if you have CSS knowledge you can customize design aspects yourself.

Many things. Without computer knowledge you can: Change the header photos, decide which properties you want to highlight on the cover of your website, customize the navigation menu, change cover texts, add custom sections, add a blog, add forms, add WhatsApp chat, etc. .. In this article you have extended information."

Unfortunately not, because it is integrated inside Inmoweb's service. However, your domain can be transferred.

Yes, you can request a change from our Support department by simply providing the new template code you desire.

Yes, you can activate this function or remove it whenever you want.

Almost all of our packages include free SSL. Check our packages.