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All your contacts in Inmoweb

If you publish your listings in several real estate portals as idealista.com, fotocasa.es, pisos.com etc .., You will begin to receive contacts from all of them in different formats and even in different emails.

Then, with great patience, you will have to register each customer in your CRM and schedule a call or response. A lot of work, don´t you think?

If you do not have a professional CRM that is able to unify all this information, is very likely to leave some customer unattended or even hours or days to respond, and that you can not afford.

Immoweb Onebox has the solution unifying all the requests of the portals where you publish in one place, and performing various magic tasks for you.

* Onebox available only in some Inmoweb plans .

How does Inmoweb Onebox work?


Onebox receives all your portal requests

Quickly analyze every request that comes from real estate portals to incorporate them to Inmoweb without you having to do anything..

In addition, as so far, you will receive an email from the portal from which you have been contacted.


Create a detailed client file

It collects all the data of the person who has written to you creating a customer file by assigning it to your corresponding commercial in detail: date and time, from which portal they have written, etc.

In addition it leaves everything integrated inside your Inmoweb.


Automatic Answer

There is nothing worse than a real estate agent that does not respond in time.

Do not worry, Inmoweb Onebox will give your customers an automatic response to all requests you receive, giving greater sense of professionalism to your customers. (* To activate this function, you´ll need your clients authorization in compliance with the established in the RGPD).


Create custom demand

Inmoweb Onebox will interpret the client's preferences based on the property on which the request was made and will send similar properties to your client from your real estate portfolio .

It is like having a 24 hour commercial! Incredible truth?

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