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Inmoweb MLS® is one of the most important Real Estate agencies in Spain. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) defines the collaboration between professional Real Estate agencies. This collaboration is mainly given by sharing properties, so that anyone that is linked to MLS, can market with other's properties. MLS has also a code of conduct which everyone must accept in order to ensure the correct use and contains also the basic rules between associates.

  • Match-Lead all over Spain: You will be able to analyse how many contacts have asked your for information of each of your shared properpties, to other MLS agencies.
  • Match-Demand all over Spain. You will be able to cross your demands with other agency's properties, increasing the chances of finding properties for your customers.
  • Vigilance and restrain. We have a team permanently reviewing all properties shared and we deactivate to those properties that do not perform the necessary conditions for sharing with other agencies.
  • By sharing MLS you will be able to publish in the net all your properties so that they are able to been seen or taken by other MLS agencies, increasing its saleability.
  • Spanish MLS search. You will be able to search among a huge Real Estate offer of other agencies and check out prices, pictures, commissions etc…
  • The Inmoweb MLS® subscription is a very strong customer attraction tool. You will be able to publish in your web site thousands of properties of other MLS agencies very easily boosting your saleability.


Inmoweb MLS® Chat

The MLS Communications module will help you ask information on shared Inmoweb MLS® properties to other partner agencies.

  • Properties History Comunications
  • Awesome design and easy to use
  • Centralizes your communications from one aplication
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Inmoweb MLS® subscription

Inmoweb MLS® subcsription is a ver powerful attracion tool. You will be able to publish thousands of properties of other MLS agencies in your own web site increasing your Real Estate availability.

  • Join 250.000 properties around Spain.
  • Add hundreds of properties to your web site with just a few clicks.
  • Increase your chances of success offering hundreds of properties to your customers as if they were yours
  • Your MLS portfolio will be updated in real time.
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MLSs privadas

Ahora puedes administrar tus propias MLSs privadas con total independencia con las agencias de tu confianza.

  • Invita a otras agencias a participar
  • Colabora activamente con agencias de tu zona
  • Amplía tus posibilidades de cerrar operaciones con colegas de confianza.
  • Administra tú mismo quien puede acceder a tu MLS privada.
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Inmoweb has become a leader cloud Real Estate software in the Spanish market with over 1.200 agencies and 5.000 users in its 14 years of experience.

It is fully compatible with most of the Real estate portals of the first level, and follows a growing tendency with an importante share in the Real Estate market.If you wish to take part on the most advanced Real Estate technology, join us and stand out against competition.

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