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    Add new properties to your web

    Increase your chances of success

    Cope with over 600 Estate agencies

    Offer yous customers thousands of properties of
    INMOWEB agencies on your own website.

    High quality Real Estate websites

    12 years of experience at your service

    We deliver your website 100% designed

    Smartphone compatible

    We will assign you a specialised designer for your project with customised tehcnical support
    Sample websites

    Automatic export to kyero.com

    ...and over 25 additional leading portals!

    Over 15.000 properties synchronised per day

    Fast and easy

    If you already are an idealista.com customer, you will be able to export your properties automatically with just 1 click totally FREE
    Connection with portal links

    Join the most prosperous network in 2014

    Spanish MLS with over 150.000 properties

    MLS subscription

    National MLS with cross-lead


    Effective and easy to use MLS. Incrementing your sealeability
    Detailed information

    We transfer your data from your current software*

    You won't have to introduce your properties again

    You won't have to upload pictures again

    *Valid for new customers and 1 XML feed. Contact us for further details.1 import per client and only for annual contracts.

    The ultimate Real Estate solution from 39€/month

    Over 800 agencies and 5.000 Real Estate professionals have relied on Inmoweb. Our software for Real Estate agencies evolves continously because we listen to our customers. You can access everywhere with an internet connection, via smartphone or tablet. Intuitive, user-friendly and completely online. Manages automatically smart cross demand - properties, generates professional posters, connects with dozens of Real Estate portals and updates your web site in 17 languages, etc.. , allowing your customers to easily access your products via a professional web design; from anytime anywhere.

    Inmoweb MLS
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    The most sophisticated Real Estate software on the market in Spain

    INMOWEB is a Real Estate management software which is shaking up the spanish industry and which will allow to manage your real estate completely. Your offer will be automatically published on your website and on the best portals in Spain and UK.

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    High quality web sites ready for smartphones and tablets

    We design your Real Estate website with the latest internet standards with the best quality you will be able to find on the market and are completely compatible with smartphones and tablets and are translated to 17 languages and domain + hosting + emails for free.

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    Publish automatically on the best Real Estate portals

    You will be able to publish easy and automatically in a simple a large selection of leading portals which we have agreeements with: Idealista.com, yaencontre.com, pisos.com, globaliza.com, enalquiler.com, etc.... Boost your selling options!

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    Your Real Estate website optimised for Google and other search engines

    We use SEO technology to optimise your web search and web positioning. We don´t use frames, javascript links or popups. Over 95% user-friendly urls. Dynamic TITLE and METAS will save you time and improve your real estate website positioning.

    Inmoweb MLS
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    The leading MLS Real Estate in Spain

    Join and boost your Real Estate agency. This collaboration is based upon the sharing of their own product, so that any associate can market with other Real Estate agency properties, increasing your sales.

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    Crossed matches that send emails for you

    You will be able to cross your demands automatically from your customers with all your property portfolio and send the properties to your potential customers, performing therefore an important commercial work without any effort.

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    Updates and technical support for your Agency

    Forget about your old software. Inmoweb will never be updated as we perform over 50 automatic updates every year!! For FREE. No installations are required. And we will provide with the most exquisite attention from the first day.

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    Simultaneous translation to 17 languages and more coming soon...

    We offer you the opportunity of reaching new international markets with Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Catalan, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Euzkera and Gallego.


    Events calendar

    The events calendar in the cloud is enabled with Inmoweb. Write down your meetings, visits, etc with a separate calendar per each user. Pure Google Calendar style.

    Timeline per property

    Thanks to the new Timline per property you will be able to analyse in one screen the timeline with all the manages made with each property saving you time analysing each property. From the picking of a property , through all of the commercial stages, modifications, price-lowerings, etc....

    Advanced property recomender

    Automatic multireference multidestiny recommendation system. This feature will allow you to send easily information os several properties to the desired agencie (s) or customer (s). And all of this with spectacular emails which will point out between your competitors.

    Review requests and customer-owner reports

    Inmoweb will send periodical alerts to ask your customers if their property has been sold or modified its price. This will avoid you having to contact them one by one. No more uncomfortable calls, Inmoweb will do the hard work for you.

    Poster and list printing

    You will be able to retrieve customised listings, individually or in series, allowing you to print them all at a time, insted of printing them 1 by 1. You will also be available to do it in 10 different languages. Remember you wull be able to this at anytime, anywhere, not necessarily from your office.

    Uploading multiple images and secured files

    You will be able to upload as many images and files as you wish at one time, insted of uploading them 1 by 1, saving you time and effort. You will be able to decide which images and files are availables on your website.

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